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Writer 2015BBC Date 2017/05/29



이성호    Regulation of GnRH gene expression in the rat ovary

이영기    Developmental regulation of GnRH and catecholaminergic neurons in the rat brain



강상수    A blockade of noradrenergic neurotransmission wiith DSP4 decreases mRNA encoding GnRH levels in the rat hypothalamus

박기수    Activities of maturating promoting factor (MPF) and histone H1 kinase during mouse oocyte maturation

심찬섭    Inhibitory effect of putine in meiotic maturation of denuded mouse oocyte




이대기    Differential action of protein kinase A and C activation on the GVBD and 1-cell embryos in the mouse.

임인순    Effect of 6-hydroxydopamine of mRNA encoding GnRH in rhe male rat hypothalamus.




김범수    Effect of estrogen and naloxone on prolactin mRNA level and its secretion from the rat pituitaries

박영규    Effect of testosterine on LHRH mRNA level in the rat hypothalamus

조정희    The role of cAMP in nuclear membrane dissolution of puromycin-treated miuse oocytes




김재만    Studies on the multiple forms of alkaline phsphatase in the mouse oocytes and early embryos

박덕배    Studies on the paternal isozyme activation on glucose phosphate isomerase in mouse early embryos and its dosage

             compensation on tetraploid mouse embryo

이병주    Effect of beta-endorphin and norepinephrine on the release of LHRH from the rat hypothalamus fragments

이성호    Effect of naloxone on changes of LHRH content in the rat hypothalamus

이영기    Electron microscopic study of the in vitro fertilized mouse ovum previously exposed to dibutyryl cyclic AMP

이철상    Effects of progesterone on naloxone-induced LHRH release from the rat hypothalamus superfused in vitro

최돈찬    Effects of steroid hormones and naloxone on pituitary and serum LH levels in the rat