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  • Real time PCR (Chromo4 Bio-Rad, US)
  • posted 2015-06-15 10:01:31 by 장상원

  • Specification

           Real time quantitative PCR cycler and detector (amplification and detection)

           Non-specific fluorescent dyes (double-strand binding) or sequence-specific DNA probes (oligonucleotide  labelled with fluorescent reporter) used

           Analysis of data aby Opticon Monitor software

           Four channel openings for four different color detection

           Photonics shuttle detects each sample well (up to 96 samples)

           Analysis of relative gene expression and melting curve for product verification


    Representative data/ Possible applications

           Quantification of tyrosine hydroxylase in MN9D cell line

  • Digtal mouse sterotaxic (Stoelting, US)
  • posted 2015-06-15 09:58:53 by 장상원

  • Specification

           Precise alignment of electrodes, micropipettes, cannula, and other devices

           Highly immune to outside interference and environmental conditions, to each axis of the manipulator arm

           Accurate measurements to 10 microns in all three directions

           Movements monitored by an LED display module with precise resolution

           Tooth bar, nose clamp, and ear bars secure the nose and level the skull


    Representative data/ Possible applications

           Cannula implanted mouse by stereotaxic surgery

  • Cellgraph(AB-3000B ATTO,Japan)
  • posted 2015-06-15 09:55:29 by 장상원

  • Specification

           Capturing extremely weak bioluminescent signals in living cells and tissues

           Oscillation of circadian or ultradian gene expression detection

           Analysis tool for various biological phenomena

           The ultimate system for bioluminescence imaging

           Simple and easy to use workflow

           Cellgraph Viewer, simple and easy to use analysis software

           Optimum environment designing for live cell imaging

           Various imaging modes that capture any biological event


    Representative data/ Possible applications

           Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) Per2-Luc expression

           Preoptic area (POA) gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) expression

  • Kronos Dio(AB-2550 ATTO, Japan)
  • posted 2015-06-15 09:52:26 by 장상원

  • Specification

           Bioluminescence monitoring in long term (tissue or cell)

           Oscillation of circadian gene expression detection

           Measurement of bioluminescence up to three colors

           Simple methods for luminescent measuring

           Multi-color separation system

           Optimized environment for cell and tissue culturing

           Real-time reporter assay of live-cell

           Monitoring of multiple circadian gene expression

           Analysis of apoptosis


    Representative data/ Possible applications

           mBmal1-dsLuc expression in mouse fibroblast and the effect of compound 15 on the oscillation